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Patient And Family Portal

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Care Coordinations Platform

Improve the quality of care, reduce healthcare costs, boost clinical staff engagement, speed up admin staff responses, increase patient and caregiver satisfaction (CAHPS Score), and much more with the HIPAA-Compliant and AI-enabled Care Coordinations platform.

We specialize in serving post-acute care providers.

Patient And Family Portal

Available Now launching soon image learn more
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Why Choose our

Care Coordinations Solution?

Care coordination is a crucial aspect of the post-acute care continuum, as it ensures that patients receive appropriate care on time, leading to improved health outcomes and reduced costs. Effective care coordination involves collaboration between healthcare providers, backend staff, patients, and their families, which can enable:

  • Real-time communications
  • Boost Staff Productivity and Accountability
  • Reduce Emergency Room and Hospital visits
  • Improve Patient and Family Satisfaction (CAHPS Score)

Optimized Efficiency, Unparalleled Scalability

Tangible metrics that validate the impact of Care Coordinations platform

7-10x ROI
Generated on an average
Maximize Return on Investment: Attain an exceptional 7-10x ROI with real-time Care Coordinations to create impact and scale to delivery highest quality care.
12-15 Mins
Saved Per Day by Your Clinicians
Transform Operational Efficiency: Reclaim an average of 12-15 vital minutes daily for clinicians with our Cutting-Edge Platform-every single day for each clinician.
18-25 Mins
Saved Per Day by Your Admin Staff
Realize Unprecedented Efficiency: Save an average of 18-25 minutes daily for administrative staff by streamlining both administrative and clinical processes.
Reduction in Hospital & ER Visits
Reduce Costly Return to Acute: Slash hospitalizations and emergency room visits by 30-40% even more while managing higher-acuity patients.

Explore our solutions

Whom do we serve

Care Coordinations platform serves the post-acute care industry and aims to optimize patient outcomes and enhance the quality of care. We also facilitate HIPAA-Compliance, secure communication and information sharing among all key stakeholders, providing and consuming healthcare, promoting continuity of care, and improving care transitions.

post acute care provider

Post-Acute Care Providers

Care coordination is essential for healthcare providers. It's critical for effective communication and information sharing, leading to better patient outcomes. Failing to prioritize care coordination can have severe consequences for patients and providers.

Family Members/Caregivers

Effective care coordination is crucial for family members and caregivers to provide the necessary resources and support for the care of their loved ones.


Coordinating care for patients is crucial to ensure timely and appropriate treatment, reduce the risk of hospital readmissions, and improve overall health outcomes.

Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) Model for Care Coordination

Using Care Coordination Software as a Service (SaaS) that incorporates automation and artificial intelligence can significantly improve the coordination of care and patient outcomes. With personalized care plans, real-time collaboration, predictive analytics, and automated appointment scheduling, these AI-powered tools can optimize the process of care coordination. Ultimately, healthcare providers can deliver more efficient and effective care centered around their patients' needs.

  • Our Key Features & Capabilities

  • HIPAA-compliant and secure platform for patient privacy
  • Centralized channels for seamless communication between patients and healthcare providers
  • Customizable workflows for efficient and tailored care
  • Real-time collaboration between care teams for effective coordination
  • Automated appointment scheduling and reminders to reduce administrative burden
  • Analytics and reporting for improved care outcomes
  • Integration with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) for interoperability
  • Patient and caregiver education and engagement tools
  • Care coordination analytics and insights for data-driven decision-making
  • Mobile access, telehealth, and remote patient monitoring capabilities for convenient and real-time care

Experience Efficient Care Coordination in action

Experience Efficient Care Coordination in action

Testimonial - Our Performance their words!

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The Care Coordinations platform has significantly transformed how IPR Healthcare provides home health and hospice care to 400+ patients and their families. The user-friendly interface has streamlined workflow and communication, allowing for easy collaboration between team members to provide excellent care. Our office staff, on-field clinicians, patients, and their families have also noticed an improvement in their experience, with seamless communication and execution of personalized care plans tailored to their individual needs. Overall, the Care Coordinations platform has exceeded expectations and is highly recommended to any home healthcare or hospice agency looking to improve their operations and patient care.

- Zedrick Buhay | COO

HIPAA Compliant and AI-Enabled | Care Coordination Platform

Improve care quality, reduce healthcare costs, and enhance patient outcomes with our Care Coordinations Platform. Request a demo of our post-acute care solution.



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